Here at The Locker we believe in getting long lasting results from normal people without any special diet or magic formula. We preach good quality nutrition and an effective exercise regime to get these results no matter what the client’s goal.

We provide Manchester's premier semi-priavte training facility with everything under one roof.

This idea started from us both working in gyms on a daily basis and noticing people joining gym trying all sorts of crazy exercises and “magic” diet shakes and pills, when they have skipped over the basics that are actually effective. Our team of Personal trainers want to take exercise back to basics to get quality, lasting results for our clients.

As a small company, our aspiration is to improve peoples quality of life by helping them become fit, healthy and overall happier with the body they live in. We hand pick our trainers to ensure great results and are proud to have an small scale, intimate business providing great care for all of our clients.