Part 2 - Diary of an S&C coach with The Locker owner James McCall

Its now February 2019 and we are getting to the business end of the Ice Hockey season and it has been a bumpy road to say the least. Believe it or not it is safe to say that athletes hate the gym and that they would much rather spend time working on their technique and not their core stability which is a problem, especially when it comes to injury prevention.

Athletes are the same as us mere mortals. They eat, sleep, and bleed just like the rest of us, except they have a talent that allows them to excel at a sport. Think of them like a Formula 1 car when you get down to the bear bones of it the purpose of the car is to transport a human from a to b the main difference between your car and a formula 1 car is that yours is designed for day to day activity where as the F1 car is built for performance.

The other big difference is they take a lot of work to be able to perform consistently at the high level and 1 tiny bump in the road can end in catastrophe, that is where the backroom staff such as myself come in. At the beginning of the season I was given 1 task - keep the boys healthy and on the ice. For the most part between myself and the rest of the backroom team we have managed to do just that bar the odd one or two impact injuries which can be expected when 2 6’5 100kg+ humans scating at 20-30mph collide head on or with the boards!

When working with anybody it is important to keep it fun, whilst educating the person as to why you are doing something. By giving a person the why it helps create buy-in from the player or person which in turn keeps them on task meaning they hit their goal. For example how many times have you been told you should stretch but don’t? Now if I told you that by stretching you will burn more calories have I got you attention….the same goes for building muscle if you stretch and improve your flexibility you will aid your muscles to grow through the recovery process and maximisation of movement.

So todays take home message is know why you are doing something and what effect that something has on your goals, if there is no correlation why are you wasting your time?

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