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So how exactly can you join The Locker and be apart of a supportive, connected community, coached by a team of experienced trainers that care?

Well we have training options that suit everyone! From our 30 DAY ACCELERATOR course through to full, unlimited access on our group training option. Our rates are below…

Unlimited Class Membership - £35 per month

30 Day Accelerator - One off payment of £49

Unlimited Group PT + Class Membership - £140 per month

Both membership options are payable on the 1st of each month. Classes include Pilates, Spin, Core Conditioning, Metafit, Mobility & Movement, Lift Focus, Aerial Hoop and our signature Lock In strength circuit sessions. You can grab our exclusive FREE 10 day pass by visiting the link at the top of this page or by completing the form below.

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Description of our current classes can be found below. All classes and times are subject to change as we consistently review to improve our members experience!

Lock In - our signature extended conditioning sessions designed to get you fitter, stronger and leaner.

Lockdown - Challenge and improve your strength, stamina and enduance with this full body bootcamp style workout.

Lockdown REWIND - a circuit style HIIT training class to classic tunes! End your week on a high and get ready to kick start your weekend in style.

Lift Focus - Focus on your main lifts with this class dedicated to technique. Learn how to deadlift, squat and perform all of your large compound lifts to ensure you perform them safely, effectively and are getting the most from your sessions.

Spin - the indoor cycling class guaranteed to torch calories. Top tunes guide us through this intense yet fun session.

Metafit - a high-intensity workout including a series of body-weight exercises with interval style training. It’s 30 minutes, but that’s all you need for this fun, effective yet intense workout!

Pilates - improve strength, flexibility and total body relaxation with this mat based class suitable for all.

Power Pilates - like pilates but with a cardio based twist, increasing the intensity slightly on the traditional pilates session to improve fitness as well as strength and mobility.

Aerial Hoop - our beginner aerial hoop class is all about learning a creative and unique way to use the lyra suspended in the air. Work on single point lyra, fun new aerial poses, transitions and explore sequencing to learn what it feels like to flow and dance in the air!

Barre Concept - set to the beat of high energy music, this total body workout body workout lifts, tones, flattens and sculpts using the precision of pilates and the technique of ballet.

Mobility & Movement - Improve mobility through flow and movement in this class designed to help you chill out but also give you dedicated time to improve flexibility and strength.